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released November 7, 2015

Thanks to Kellie Reichert, Sean Elmquist, Rachel Mogck, and everyone else who helped make this album happen!



all rights reserved


The Gentlemen's Anti-Temperance League Minneapolis, Minnesota

A string quartet playing swing and gypsy jazz influenced pop songs. Coming soon to a bar near you.

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Track Name: Canary (In A Coal Mine)
Bleeding yourself never paid no bills
unless you bleed for suits in Beverly Hills

I’ve been singing
because I don’t know how to talk about it
canary in the coal mine and I can’t seem to quit
because we all die alone

I’ve been walking
for a thousand miles
I’ve got my share of blood, sweat, and bile
but there ain’t no tears
because I’m on my way back home

even though it might scare you to death
you’ve got to close your eyes
and draw another breath

keep your teeth clenched tight in a smile
let your heart break once in a while
that’s the only way that you’ll get back home
Track Name: Millennial Blues
I been burning
through the money
that I bummed from my old man

set myself to learning
but i just cant
seem to understand

when i turn 30
will i be old enough
to be a man

raise another family, lord
then, uh
tear it down again

What I got to do
and why I got to
follow this goddamn plan

I’ve been freezing through the night from fever
brought on by withdrawal

get up early, kick it down with cigarettes and alcohol
callin’ in my favors from a dimly lit gas station bathroom stall
watch those city lights go dark and I’m surprised that I can see at all
Track Name: Dark Eyes
Donnons nous les yeux noirs
des lacs brulants, liquides
je les ai passe par
pendant un petit soif
quand moi je me sentais vide

Cachez vous vos miroirs
vos souhaites sans les bruits
mais laissez moi la petite tempete
laissez moi la fille

Let me see those dark eyes
let me see that smile
let me see those fangs dripping venom
when youre dripping into my mind

let me see those skirts twirl
every single night
let me see you
breaking the dance floor down like a bottle in a bar room fight
Track Name: Mariner's Daughter
Un bon mot pour les bon vivants
Les paroles sucree comme la barbe a papa
trop mieulleux

La fille a dit que la mer se manque
elle aime bien la terre
mais la necessite
ce sont les marees

Sur les cimes et les minarets
jusqu’au megots detrampe
du cigarettes

Elle te dit ou se trouve la peaux
la couverture sous-l’eau
pour qu’elle peut bien nager
laisse-toi abandonne
Track Name: Common Law Vampires
Is you is or is you aint my baby
is you is or is you aint my girl
I aint seen you round our coffin lately
I aint seen you round in three damn days

You come home as bat or wolf
blood on your hands and on your skirts
but baby
Im beginning to know your forms

and you been talking the talk bout changin
you been talkin the talk like crazy
but baby
you aint been reformed

you gave me an eternal life
said you’d settle down and you’d be my wife
but baby im beginning to have my doubts

and you may think you got me fixed
but I got my cross and my crucifix
and darling you know I know where you sleep
Track Name: The Count of Cagliostro
Burn these hundred years
in a thousand sips and pours
and when this fiery liquid drains away
I’ll burn one hundred more

I’ve stayed up for ten thousand nights
and prayed the sun to rise
alas my castle’s doors are boarded up
my windows black with grime.

And if these castle walls could sing,
they’d tell of days of old
when my people filled up ancient palaces
and drank red wine from chalices of gold

Oh, I’m slowly drinking faster
to render all these fading memories numb
I long for something sweeter now to drink
to rinse the taste of memory from my tongue

One two three four let some visitors arrive
knocking at these crumbling castle doors
live for dinner and i’ll drink more
this time of some intrepid strangers lives
Track Name: Stella
Stella was a singer, she was born to roam
left behind a baby and a man back home
traded her ring for the long and lonely road

Stella made her way down to New Orleans
left behind a family to follow her dreams

Lovers called her wicked when she said her goodbyes
but she knew to chase your dreams to had to try

and let it go
you got to let it all go
abandon your house
and your home
and the things that you know

You sell your soul to the devil
and the devil pays his dues
but there ain’t nobody in the devil, babe
nobody but me and you

Every lonely boy thinks he’s the man for me
whiskey and smiles and smokes for free
but I’ll tell you honey, and you best believe
there’s more to life than meeting the man of your dreams

if music makes you happy, then take it from me
don’t waste your time dragging the deep blue sea
lovers are cheap
they come and they go
but music lasts longer than some old dry bones

so let it go
you got to let it all go
abandon your house
and your home
and the things that you know

You sell your soul to the devil
and the devil pays his dues
but there ain’t nobody in the devil, babe
nobody but me and you
Track Name: Tango of the Living Dead
If you believe in love at first sight
then you’ll believe in anything I write
that lovers never lie
that justice is blind
and the sun won’t rise

That I would fly from far and wide
to hear your last night eulogized
that I would drive all night
to kiss your cold lips one last time

But you caught me by surprise that night
when your cold dead hands gripped hold of mine
shook the soil from your shoulders
tightened your grasp
and held me closer

We spun and we drank in the dim starlight
you made me the devils and the devil made you mine
at dawn you drew me to your cemetary bed
and we danced forever
the tango of the living dead
Track Name: Under the Knife
She told me over dinner to forget her and get on with my life
and I tried
but my lover left me limping and in desperate need of a wife
so I put on my leads and I locked the door
left behind a world I didn’t love no more
closed my eyes
and put on a virtual smile

I met my waifu at a quarter to four
on the message board that we’d used before
said “teach me sweetheart, tell me: what’s on your mind?”
“well, you got my heart
and my tentacles too
but I would love you more if you was less like you
so lose those blue jeans and put on a vertical smile”

So I guess I’ll have to quit her or consider going under the knife
and I might
because my japanese cartoon girlfriend fills the holes in my life
oh, my japanese cartoon girlfriend fills all the holes in my life
Track Name: Eucalyptus River Blues
I’ve been breaking all the records I find
for the quiet
and the peace of mind
but baby when the needle drops
won’t you let me have a place in your arms

I’ve been burning all the bridges that I built
for the pleasure
and the thrill of the kill
but baby when the embers die
won’t you light another fire in my heart

For the record
Lay it on the line
your kind of friends
they ain’t no friends of mine
but baby when the songs through
won’t you let me into your heart

let me tell you
about this girl that I know
eyes like ice
and her hair like snow
and lord when the cold wind blows
that girl will tear you apart

down by the river
my knees are all bruised
from singing hymns
and praying to you
and that eucalyptus got me
fuckin’ high

I been breakin’ all the records I find
for the quiet
and the peace mind
and baby when that needle drops down
Imma go die